Tacolist Founders

WELCOME TO TACOLIST- Classificados Latinos Gratis…
‘Para Nuestra Gente’.

Tacolist provides a free on-line website, for the Hispanic community, where users can post or browse listings to buy, sell or do things products, meet friends, exchange information on events, classes, ideas and in general… connect and unite.

Founded on Halloween, October 31st, 2008 by Rafael Barragan and his partner Michele J. Harris, Tacolist was created to serve the Hispanic communities in the United States and Mexico.

By offering a free opportunity to communicate and network together, our goal is to increase the power of knowledge and expand the economic marketplace. Tacolist will open up new avenues of information and commerce; making it easy for users to purchase goods & services locally and internationally from each other, recycle goods, locate housing, make friends or find a job.

We want to build a community where any information needed will be in our site: from dating to cars to events and concerts. And as our site grows, we will continue to give back to our customers by providing even greater on-line services and supporting organizations and charities that benefit our Hispanic community.

Cruisin’ In The Bug With Friends In Mexico


The idea for Tacolist started three years ago when founders, Rafael Barragan and Michele Harris were on a trip to Cancun.

We were traveling to the Yucatan region of Mexico every year and decided we’d had enough of rental cars. It was time to buy a car to keep in Mexico for our annual visits. We were searching to buy a VW Bug convertible in Cancun. I tried searching on-line but could not find one. The newspapers didn’t list many cars either. But while in Cancun, I saw plenty of cars with for sale signs driving around. So I knew they were out there, but with a limited time frame it was very difficult to track one down. There was no easy source to find a car.

Broken Down on the way to Chetumal

So out of frustration I ended up buying the first convertible I found. It was on the island of Cozumel and had been used as a rental car. We knew it wasn’t in the best condition, but it was the only convertible we could find. It turned out to be quite a rust bucket! Literally, part of the floorboard was eaten away! And while on our way to the ferry back to the main land, we sprung a gas leak and were lucky it didn’t catch on fire. We had to go back and get it fixed. We barely made it back in time to catch the last ferry. It was quite scary traveling across the water in the black of night on an old rickety cargo boat. And that is when I decided there was a need create this site to connect sellers with buyers for free and provide resources and information.

Our Beloved Rusty VW

After two previous failed attempts to build this website, I have finally found the right team to bring Tacolist to life.

P.S. “I still have the rusty bucket and it now leaks oil. On our last trip, it stranded us on the road to Chetumal. I don’t know how much longer it will hold up. But at least now I can look on Tacolist for a new one”


Mi Familia

Rafael Barragan – Founder

Rafael Barragan was born in ‘The House of the Lizards’ outside of Cotija, Michoacan, Mexico.

Rafael’s father owned a fruit business in the town of Santa Inez. But while Rafael was still very young, the business failed and the Barragans moved to the United States to seek a better life for their family.

His family struggled to make ends meet from picking walnuts and grapes, to hauling garbage and working as a janitor. But from a young age, Rafael had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and natural instinct for creating businesses.

So, in his early twenties, together with family and friends, Rafael started a ‘moving company’. ” I started & grew this business to give my father a sense of accomplishment and success. And it has changed his life. But now ten years later it is time to move on and pursue new dreams. Now it is Tacolist Time.’

Mi Primo de Quintana Roo

“Throughout all these years living in the United States I have stayed very close with all my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents still living in Mexico. I have always loved the food, music, heart and culture of my people. And it is from this passion and personal experiences that my dream is to be able to help the Hispanic community by providing education, resources, jobs and information. And Tacolist is the means to make it come true.”

“I really see this website growing and being successful. And the most rewarding part is I can follow my passion and fulfill all the goals I have for contributing back to charities and organizations that really help the Hispanic communities.”

Michele’s Visit to Cotija Michoacan

Michele J Harris – Co-Founder

Michele was born in New York with the heart and soul of an artist. Eventually her love of painting and photography brought her from New York to the San Francisco Art Institute.

While working as a freelance photographer for a martial arts magazine, she met a new friend and co-founded a martial arts school.

It was while performing at a local TV station with the school that Michele was hit by the TV bug. “I had no training in television production, but when I entered the TV studio I knew it was something I wanted to do. After a short internship I landed my dream job as producer for the children’s programming. It gave me the chance to be super creative and at the same time to put out positive messages to the young viewers.”

Michele still produces children, family, and community oriented programming and every year produces stories for the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. To date Michele has four Emmy awards.

Michele in Tia Nenas Cotija Party Store

“It’s been an amazing 25 years between the school and TV. The common thread is that both have allowed me to serve the community and do something positive. Now, Tacolist will provide me with a new creative means to help the community.”

“I first met RafaeI when his moving company was moving my mom. Our first conversation revolved around our mutual love of Mexico. I have since then traveled to Mexico every year with Rafael. Every time I step off the plane and feel the air and hear the music, I feel I am home. So working within the Hispanic community and culture is very exciting and close to my heart.”